What do you want to achieve with personal training? Weight loss? Weight gain? Performance? Rehabilitation?

DIXON Personal Training and Massage has its own training studio in Darley for privacy, focus and optimised training. Here you can achieve your goals much faster as you train in your own personal environment, free from distraction, and supervised by a fitness professional devoted to your success.

All clients have a full 1 hour consultation and assessment before a personalised program is designed just for you. Programs also take into account factors such as nutrition, current condition, lifestyle and personal preferences. Each session normally lasts 45-60 minutes and on average most clients train twice a week, but more sessions can be included. All training is progressive and programs are updated as your physical fitness improves.

Are you a sportsperson looking to improve your performance, or a young athlete wanting to safely build foundation strength and fitness? DIXON Personal Training & Massage has Strength and Conditioning programs and sports massage all at one location. 

Limited budget? Don’t worry, I can also design you a program that can be used just about anywhere with training equipment that is very affordable.

Ready to take the next step?

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Suffering from back and neck pain, or tension headaches? General stiffness and soreness in the body? Need to get your mind and body to relax? Pre-season training taking its toll? Massage can help.

DIXON Personal Training & Massage offers remedial and relaxation massage in Darley 6 days per week and at Grant St Physiotherapy in Bacchus Marsh on Saturday mornings.

Soft Tissue massage is very beneficial for relaxation and sport. It relieves stress and induces a deep state of relaxation putting the body into its natural 'repair & maintenance' mode. At the same time it improves localised nourishment and circulation to the body part being massaged and speeds up removal of metabolic byproducts from the body.

Deep Tissue massage releases myofascial trigger points (or ‘knots’) that are active within a muscle. If left untreated, trigger points cause local and referred pain, constant tension and reduced function. In general, if you’re stiff and sore, 1 session will give you a lot of immediate relief and several consecutive sessions will create a longer lasting effect. 

Remedial massage is eligible for health insurance rebates and is Worksafe and TAC registered.

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